Apello - Cosmos NFT Toolkit

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We are working on a daily basis to develop & improve Apello! These docs may change rapidly in the near future as new eyes help us refactor the implementation for the better.

What is Apello?

Apello is a set of tools for cosmos NFTs, 100% free and open source. We provide a package of services for cosmos NFT projects to help them manage and grow their communities.

Our Mission

Apello’s mission is to facilitate the growth of NFTs in the cosmos ecosystem by providing the base level of tooling and infrastructure required for teams to operate, and communities to grow.

Supported Chains?

Apello is supporting now 4 of the top NFT cosmos chains. We aim to expand and support as many chains in the cosmos as we can.
If you are a cosmos creator and you need our services in your chain, please feel free to DM us in twitter
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