How to invite & setup Apello token gating bot in your discord server ?


  1. Invite Apello from here

  2. Create a channel in your discord ex: #apello-token-gating.

  3. Make sure to add the bot to the channel & give it the needed permissions.

  4. Create a role Apello Manager to be able to run admin commands.

  5. Add to yourself the Apello Manager role.

  6. Go to the channel you just created for Apello and run /set-channel channel:

  7. Now get the NFT contract and create the role you want to assign to the holders unless you already have one.

    1. From Juno:

  8. run /set-contract-role

    1. Blockchain: the blockchain of your collection - choose one from the dropdown menu.

    2. Role: The role you want to assign to the holder - choose from the dropdown menu.

    3. Contract: Your NFT contract (check step 7) - For Stargaze & Tori we support both minting & marketplace contracts.

    4. Number_of_tokens: The number of NFTs the user should hold to get the role.

  9. Make sure to drag Apello'srole (Bot's role) above all the roles you mentioned in step 8.

Step 9 is very important! because Discord bots can't assign roles higher than their role.

You are good to go now! you can click the verify button to get your special role congratulations 🎉


  1. Create a channel for Apello Trait Gating and follow the steps from 2-5 in SETUP APELLO TOKEN GATING

  2. Set up the channel where the trait gating bot will work using /set-trait-holder-channel

  3. Now add the trait you want to track using /set-contract-trait-role

    You can get the trait value from here:

  4. Now All you need to do is get the ID of the NFT you hold with the trait you are trying to verify. You can get it from the NFT link : In this example, The NFT ID is 3065.

  5. Click the verify-trait button in the Apello embed and submit the ID above.

Steps 2, 3, 4, 5 & 9 are similar for both SETUP APELLO TOKEN GATING & SETUP APELLO TRAIT GATING

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