Apello enables you to verify and combine tokens that are staked in the NFT DAO on DAODAO with those in your wallet, ensuring you maintain your role without any disruption.

  1. Make sure to follow the instructions in SETUP to set up the verification for your collection first.

  2. After creating your NFT DAO in DAODAO - get the DAO contract

  1. Now you need to link the NFT DAO to your current bot by running the below slash command.

  • Blockchain: A dropdown menu of the supported NFT DAOs

  • Dao Contract: Step 2 👆

To enable Apello to connect the DAODAO contract with you current verification, you must establish first a rule for the NFT contract that powers the DAO.

You will be able now to verify and combine staked NFTs on DAODAO and the ones in your wallet!

  • Roles cleaning: If all your NFTs are staked, you will not loose your role.

  • Consolidating Multiple Wallets: We'll aggregate all NFTs, whether staked or not, across all your connected wallets.

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