Why Apello

Apello Token Gating Bot is a tool that allows users to verify their ownership of a specific NFT.

What makes Apello Token Gating Bot special from all the other similar bots?

Multiple chains:

In Apello we support multiple cosmos chains. If your project is multichain, so instead of using multiple bots for each chain, Apello will take care of all of them for you.

Roles based on the # of tokens:

With Apello you can assign different roles based on the number of NFTs held by the user. This way you can identify your Whales 🐋.

Multiple Projects / One Server:

If you have more than one project and you are worried about how to track them all? With Apello no need to worry. You can link to your server as many contracts as you want and you can assign to them the same or different roles for each, and with one click the bot will check them all for you.

Based on the user's feedback - we stopped using /verify command - to verify you will need to use the green verify button in the embed.

Update roles:

You can easily update the assigned role to the contract by sending the /set-role command with the new role.

View rules:

List all the rules linked to your server in case you want to delete a specific one, you can also use /reset-guild to remove all the Apello rules from your server.

DAODAO Integration:

You can verify your staked NFTs without loosing your role! DAODAO

Easy to use:

Users can link as many wallets as they want once and they can use it in all the servers supported by Apello.

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