Feature Roadmap

We are excited to offer the following features and capabilities to our Apello users. Checked items have already been delivered. Unchecked items are in developmeny or will start development in the future.
  • Apello Token Gating Bot
    • Token Gating by number of NFTs held
    • Token Gating by Traits
  • Apello Rarity System
  • Apello Sales Tracker
  • Apello Sales Leaderborad
  • Apello Names Holders Checker
    • Stargaze names
    • Tori Name
    • Juno Names
  • Apello NFT image generator
    • Twitter, Discord NFT banners.
    • PFPs
    • Memes
  • Apello Voting System (Powered by NFTs)
  • Apello Snapshot
  • Apello WL Collecter
  • Apello NFT Dashboard
  • Apello Wallet Tracker
All of the listed items will be accessible on the chains that we currently support.